Update May 24th

Announcement: First confirmed activities!

But before we start, we have some bad news: Carlton Mellick III and Rose O’Keefe had to cancel their presence and their activities due to health issues that make their travel impossible. We’re going to miss them, but we hope to see them here next year.

Thus said, we’d like to announce that we just updated the program and you can check it out here. We added two workshops (there’ll be two more), several panels and the rest of activities. Remember that BizarroCon is made by all of us so if you already registered you can send your proposals for a panel or an activity, and ask for a slot to read your own work. Email us and we’ll try to fit all proposals (or merge them into others if the theme applies).

You can only see those activities including people who have their registration confirmed.

Let’s get this started!

You can now register to BizarroCon Barcelona at the “Registration” page of this site. If you do so before April 15th, you’ll have a discount in your registration fee.

Remember our hashtag for social media: #BizarroConBCN

And… Here’s our poster: