BizarroCon Barcelona takes place at the INOUT Hostel, a 50.000 square-feet complex consisting of gardens, forests and buildings placed at the Collserola natural park. It’s 5 minutes away from Baixador de Vallvidrera train (FGC) station, and 15 minutes from Catalunya square by train. And there’s a pool, too.
Rooms are for 4, 8 or 10 people (depending on availability). In each one of them there are beds, locked closets, individual light, plugs and shelves. Upon registration you can choose wether you want to stay in a mixed room or an only-female room.
Accomodation and three meals are included in the price. If you have any special needs relatig food, do not hesitate on asking us beforehand so that we can make sure that they are met.
There is a restaurant and two bars, and one of them serves food and drinks 24/7.
There’s free wifi on the premises.
Social project: The INOUT hostel belongs to a non-profit organization working for the the integration of people with disabilities, which form the professional staff who work there. For more information on the hostel you can visit their website at: