BizarroCon Barcelona takes place at the INOUT Hostel, a 50.000 square meters complex of gardens, woods and three buildings located at the Collserola Natural Park. It’s 5 minutes away by foot from Baixador de Vallvidrera station (FGC company), and 15 minutes away by train from Plaça Catalunya. And there’s a pool.

IMPORTANT: Rooms are for 6 or 10 people, so you’ll be sharing room and this will be all-genders, but there will be a female-only room available. In each one of them there is a bed, locked wardrobe, individual light, plugs and shelves. Update: We’ll have a women-only for for 10 people.

Accomodation and three meals a day are included in the registration fee. If you have a special dietary need, please let us know as soon as possible so that we meet them.

There is a restaurant and two bars, one of them is open and sells food and drinks 24/7.

There’s free Wi-fi.

Solidarity project: The INOUT Hostel belongs to a non-profit organization, the aim of which is to support labor integration to the people with disabilities who conform their staff. They were awarded with the Medal of Honor of the Barcelona City Council for their work of labor and social integration of people with disabilities and for their compromise with the environment and sustainability.

For more info on the hostel, you can check out their website at: