Anti-harassment Policy

In BizarroCon Barcelona we believe that everyone should feel safe during the convention. We will help maintain this by not tolerating harmful behaviors, which may include non-consensual touching or verbal harassment. If a participant chooses to break these policies against another participant or user of the hostel they may be removed from the convention. If someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, no matter how minor it may seem, please do not stay silent. You can report it to any member of the team, who we will identify at the beginning of the event. These people will attend to you and follow your lead to try to make sure it does not happen again, and we’ll make decisions with you so you continue to feel safe at our convention.

BizarroCon Barcelona has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for harassment of any kind, including but not limited to: race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, gender presentation, sexual orientation, age, body size, disability, appearance, religion, citizenship, pregnancy.

Harassment includes but is not limited to: stalking, verbal or physical intimidation, offensive verbal comments, physical assault and/or battery, harassing or non-consensual photography or recording, bathroom policing, inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome physical attention.