Frequently Asked Questions

Is this only about Bizarro fiction?

No, this event is about genre fiction in general and indie publishing, for its fans and professionals. But bizarro fiction will have a preference.

Can I come for a couple of hours or just to see a single activity?

No, BizarroCon is a private event only for its guests.

What if I don’t want to sleep or eat at the hostel?

Your registration includes food and accomodation besides the event itself, and we can’t offer any solutions different from this «pack». But obviously everybody is free to go in and out as much as they want, of course. But please bear in mind that we always end very late at night and we’re in the middle of the woods…

What if I’m still not sure due to COVID-19?

Do not hesitate to contact with us and we’ll reach a solution that will make you feel safe in our convention.

Are kids and animals allowed?

Sorry for including them both in the same question. We think that children will be bored at watching adults talk, so we better save this to them. And the same with animals, which can’t be housed at the hostel.

We are a publishing house/small press. Can we set a table there?

One of the two days we’ll have a «bookstore» open for 2 hours, and we’ll take care of everything with no cost for you or commission. We consider that books should be there, but this is event is not specifically for selling them (even though you can sell them as much as you want outside the «bookstore» hours). Besides being at a table all day is dull and you can’t take part in activities.

Can I make a proposal for a performance/lecture/activity/whatever?

Of course! If you registered you can make any proposal you want and we’ll try to fit everybody. It’s possible that we turn simmilar activities into one. I.e.: 2 simmilar lectures into a panel with both speakers.

Am I allowed to bring food or drinks from outside?

There’s a bar open 24/7 at the hostel, and there’s also a restaurant open at regular hours. Apart from that, we can’t bring in any food or drinks. But all meals are included in your registration.

Am I going to share a room with other people?

Yes. Rooms are for 6 or 10 people. You can ask to be accommodated in an all-female room. If you have a problem with that, please contact us. There is a bathroom and toilet in every room, and some other extra throughout the hostel. Some are segregated and some others are not.